Desara® Family

The Desara® Family of Products for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence offers surgeons a system that is flexible and easy to use. Desara® reusable introducers enable multiple surgical approaches.
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  • Transvaginal Approach
  • Desara® TVez
    Blue Transvaginal Sling System

  • Tighter Trocar Curve Closely Contours the Pubic Bone

  • Available in Two Trocar Diameters: 2.7mm & 3.0 mm

  • Enclosed Dilator Tips Facilitates Smoother Tissue Passage

  • EZ Tab for Simplified Removal

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  • Single Incision
  • Desara® One
    Single Incision Sling System

  • Bidirectional adjustability

  • Anchor anti-rotation mechanism

  • Anchor fully integrated with mesh with high pull-out force

  • One handed anchor release mechanism

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  • Universal Solution for Reusable Instruments
  • Desara®
    Clear Sling
  • Desara® Blue
    Blue Sling
  • Desara® Blue OV
    Blue Overlapping Sleeve Sling

  • Reduce packaging waste by 94% average*

  • Intuitive connection system compatible with full suite of Caldera Medical introducers for standard mid urethral slings **

  • Can replace up to 25 sling products reducing the investment in your sling inventory by up to 75%*

  • Desara® Blue offers overlapping sleeve option with Desara® Blue OV

  • Transobturator Approach
  • Desara® SL
    TOT Short Length Sling

  • Compatible with all Caldera Medical TOT introducers

  • Short length sling reduces the amount of mesh implanted (12 cm long vs. the traditional sling length of 45 cm)

  • Limits the presence of mesh in the adductor muscles*

  • May help reduce immediate post-op groin pain vs. the original inside-out transobturator***

  • Transvaginal Approach
  • Desara® TV
    Clear Transvaginal Sling
  • Desara® Blue TV
    Blue Transvaginal Sling

  • Compatible with Desara® CAL–TV32 introducer

  • Blue dilator tube to enable easy visualization during cystoscopy

  • Sleeve thermally bonded to dilator tube for smooth passage without drag on tissue

  • Desara Introducer is 197% more stable**** compared to Advantage Fit™ and 83% more stable**** compared to TVT Exact®

  • TOT Outside-In and Suprapubic Approach
  • Desara® Blue SS
    Short Suture Sling

  • Compatible with Suprapubic and TOT outside-in introducers

  • Reduced suture loop for easier tip attachment

  • Designed for easier handling in outside-in approaches

  • Unique blue mesh design for enhanced visibility

  • TOT Outside-In and Suprapubic Approach
  • Reusable Introducers
    6 Types of Reusable Introducers for Standard Mid Urethral Slings***

  • Robust and stable

  • Universal connection**

  • Environmentally friendly surgical grade stainless steel

  • Reduce packaging waste by up to 94%*

* Caldera Medical Data on File.
** Reusable introducers are not compatible with Desara® One Single Incision Sling.
*** Leval J., Thomas A., Waltregny D. The original versus a Modified inside-out transobturator procedure: 1-year results of a prospective randomized trial. Int Urogynecol (2011) 22:145–156.
**** “Stable” defined as the inverse of wire displacement. Data on file at Caldera Medical.