Your Pelvic Health

Women’s Pelvic Health issues are often not talked about due to embarrassment or lack of knowledge and can cause you to think you are alone. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Learn more about your pelvic health from our partners at Pelvic Awareness Project.
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A Healthy Pelvis in Action

Pelvic Floor Muscles
work like a hammock, running between your pubic bone and tailbone, to support the pelvic organs – for women these include the bladder, reproductive organs and bowels.

Maintaining Sexual Function.
A weakened pelvic floor is significantly associated with reduced sexual arousal, infrequent orgasms, and pain during sex. Exercises designed to ease stress or strengthening exercises, such as yoga, increase awareness that can help relax the muscles and focus on sensation.

Overall Wellbeing.
Suffering in silence can be detrimental to a women’s overall wellbeing. Women are more likely to feel self-conscious and physically unattractive. A healthy pelvic floor boosts confidence, quality of life, and promotes mental health.

When symptoms are adequately addressed women are more likely to resume activities and get back to living their life.

Avoiding Chronic Pain.
Addressing and treating your underlying pelvic floor condition can reduce long term chronic pain.

Caldera Medical has partnered with Pelvic Awareness Project (PAP) with the goal of reaching one million women by 2025. PAP focuses on informing and educating women on pelvic health issues that million of women experience. With the hopes of breaking stigma’s that are attached to these issues and get people to start the conversation needed to receive the help they deserve.
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