Vertessa® Family

Vertessa®Lite Polypropylene Mesh for Sacrocolpopexy is lightweight and flexible yet strong, inspiring the confidence you desire. Vertessa® Lite is available in a variety of sizes and is the only mesh designed for sacrocolpopexy to offer enhanced visibility in a blue mesh design.
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  • The strongest lightweight mesh
  • Vertessa® Lite
    Polypropylene Mesh for Sacrocolpopexy

  • Lightweight mesh¹ 20.9 g/m²

  • Large pore size of ≈ 1,500μm¹

  • Highest porosity of sacrocolpopexy meshes at 76.9%¹

  • High pull-out force 32% greater than Restorelle®²

  • Gentle on tissue - designed to reduce tensile and bending stiffness to decrease stress shielding effect³


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