Office first

COST EFFECTIVE for removing polyps in-office

Benesta® Tissue Removal System
Cost Effective

More Cost Effective

Increased procedure efficiency and less capital equipment ensures more profitable in-office polypectomies.

  • Reduce procedure expenses by eliminating fluid management systems
  • $1,372 average reimbursement for in-office polyp removal*
  • Benesta Hysteroscope or an equivalent hysteroscope is the only capital equipment required
  • Indicated for all sizes of polyps, widening case range outside of the OR
Explore the 2023 Benesta Reimbursement Guide
*CY 2023 Payment Policies under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Changes to Part B Payment Policies; (CMS-1770-F); Addendum B. All MPFS Fee Schedules calculated using CF of $33.8872 effective January 1, 2023.

Maximize Patient Comfort

In-office polypectomies are more convenient for patients while being efficient for doctors and team.

  • No general anesthesia required
  • Shorter overall procedure time
  • 5.8mm OD hysteroscope for minimal dilation
  • Reduced environmental stress and immediate at-home recovery
Easy to Use

fewer components,
simple setup

A straightforward setup with minimal footprint, making Benesta ideal for office settings.

  • Battery powered
  • Integrated outflow tubing
  • No control pedal or power unit
  • No fluid management system required
  • Optimized for use with a hanging bag

Intuitive Operation

Resecting tissue with Benesta is as easy as pushing a button, because that is exactly all it takes.

  • Push-to-cut button for straightforward control
  • Powered cutter is less fatiguing than manual options
  • HD rod lens hysteroscope for excellent visualization
  • 15mm cutting window for efficient resection

Benesta® Tissue Removal System vs. Competitors

Benesta® is designed for in-office use, making polypectomies simple to perform and more profitable.

Aveta Smol
Myosure Lite
Myosure Manual

Built for
Office Use

Powered Tissue

Setup Time

Optimized for Use
with a Hanging Bag

Optimized for Use
with a Hanging Bag

Button Cut

Power Unit


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