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Polypectomies Simplified

Benesta Tissue Removal System
Easy to Use

Simple Setup

Benesta was designed to be setup efficiently and make it easier for the clinical team.

  • No control pedal
  • No separate power unit
  • No fluid management system required
  • Optimized for use with a hanging bag

Simple Operation

Removing tissue with Benesta is as easy as pushing a button - because that is exactly all it takes.

  • Push to cut button for superior control
  • Powered cutter is less fatiguing than manual options
  • HD rod lens scope for excellent visualization
  • 15mm cutting channel for efficient resection
Office First

Maximize Patient Comfort

Prioritizing polypectomies in the office makes for a much simpler patient experience while being more efficient for doctors and staff.

  • No general anesthesia
  • Patient experiences a shorter overall procedure time
  • 5.8mm OD hysteroscope for minimal dilation
  • Reduced environmental stress and the benefit of recovering at home right away
  • More flexible and predictable schedules

More Cost Effective

Benesta makes in-office polypectomies profitable for the practice by reducing capital overhead required and allowing for quick efficient procedures.

  • Reduce procedure expenses by up to 60%*
  • $1372, average reimbursement for polyp removal in office**
  • Benesta Hysteroscope is the only capital equipment needed
  • Efficient pathology removal keeps procedures predictable and on-time

*Bennett, A., Lepage, C., Thavorn, K., Fergusson, D., Murnaghan, O., Coyle, D., & Singh, S. S. (2019). Effectiveness of outpatient versus operating room hysteroscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of uterine conditions: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 41(7), 930–941.

**CY 2023 Payment Policies under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Changes to Part B Payment Policies; (CMS-1770-F); Addendum B. All MPFS Fee Schedules calculated using CF of $33.8872 effective January 1, 2023.

Benesta Tissue Removal System vs. Competitors

Benesta is designed to be used in the office, and makes polypectomies simple to perform and profitable for your practice.

Aveta Smol
Myosure Lite
Myosure Manual

Built for
Office Use

Powered Tissue

Setup Time

Optimized for Use
with a Hanging Bag

Optimized for Use
with a Hanging Bag

Button Cut

Power Unit


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