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Caldera Medical Announces Sponsorship of Cynisca Cycling Team to Champion Women’s Health and Empowerment

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Los Angeles, CA — June 11, 2024 — Caldera Medical, a global leader in women’s pelvic health, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Cynisca Cycling team. This partnership reflects Caldera Medical’s unwavering commitment to advancing women’s health and empowerment through sports and community engagement.

Cynisca Cycling, an elite women’s professional cycling team, is dedicated to elevating female athletes and promoting gender equality in sports. The collaboration with Caldera Medical, renowned for its humanitarian efforts in women’s health, is poised to drive significant impact in both the sporting and healthcare arenas.

“We’re extremely pleased to share this new development between our team and Caldera Medical,” commented Robin Farina, Cynisca operations and performance director. “Just like Cynisca, Caldera has made a commitment to advancing women. Through our collaboration, we’ll continue to support women both on and off the bike.”

“Our sponsorship of Cynisca Cycling aligns perfectly with Caldera Medical’s mission to enhance the quality of life for women around the world,” said Bryon Merade, CEO of Caldera Medical. “We believe that empowering women in sports contributes to their overall well-being and health. By supporting Cynisca Cycling, we aim to underscore the importance of physical activity, resilience, and community for women’s health.”

Caldera Medical’s involvement with Cynisca Cycling will include:

Health and Wellness Workshops: Organizing workshops focused on pelvic health, mental wellness, and overall physical health for the athletes and their communities.

Awareness Campaigns: Launching joint campaigns to educate the public about women’s health issues and the importance of regular check-ups and active lifestyles.

Community Engagement: Participating in community events and activities that promote women’s health and empowerment.

This sponsorship represents a significant step in Caldera Medical’s broader mission to address and improve women’s health globally. The partnership with Cynisca Cycling will provide a dynamic platform to promote health, fitness, and empowerment among women, resonating with Caldera’s core values of compassion, excellence, and innovation.

About Caldera Medical

Caldera Medical is a medical device company solely focused on women’s health with a commitment to our mission of “Improving the Quality of Life for Women!” Caldera Medical develops, manufactures and markets best-in-class surgical products for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse Polyps and Fibroids.

Caldera Medical forms close relationships with surgeons and continues to build the company around a principle of customer intimacy. In partnership with its surgeon customers, Caldera Medical has the largest humanitarian program of any women’s health company. It is committed to treating one million women in underserved populations around the world by the year 2027.

About Cynisca Cycling

Cynisca Cycling is a UCI-registered Women’s Continental Team (CYN-USA), dedicated to providing inspiration and support for women to reach the highest levels in cycling – both on and off the bike. The team provides professional support and guidance around a select racing program at the top European and U.S. events. 

Launched in 2022 in partnership with USA Cycling, the team began racing in 2023 with an international roster now featuring twelve select North American riders who hold three national titles and a Pan American championship title. Other countries represented include France, Ireland, and Canada. Cynisca is committed to fair pay for female athletes and to providing employment opportunities for women.

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