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Caldera Medical is a privately held women‘s health medical device company focused on minimally invasive applications.
CALDERA® is a CALifornia based company Developing technology for a new ERA.

History of Caldera Medical
In 2002, Caldera Medical was founded to bring differentiated technology to an emerging market.

While large multinational corporations dominate the medical device industry, Caldera Medical foresaw an opportunity in the female pelvic health arena to form close relationships with surgeons and to build a company around this principle. Surgeon relationships continue to be the company touchstone, inspiring us to make life better® for surgeons, the facilities that they operate at, and the patients they care for.

In 2003, Caldera Medical launched its first product, a sling for incontinence, at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.

In 2005, Caldera Medical entered the prolapse market via a partnership with a well-known tissue bank.

In 2006, Caldera Medical signed a far-reaching license agreement with American Medical Systems, Inc.
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In 2007, Caldera Medical introduced the next generation in female sling technology, Desara®. In addition, 2007 saw the divestment of Caldera Medical‘s male sling to Coloplast A/S. Click here to read the press release. Caldera Medical also secured a patent license agreement from Coloplast.
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In 2009, Caldera Medical launched the patented Ascend® Pelvic Floor Repair System.
In 2010, Caldera Medical elected a new Board of Directors and approved a strong growth initiative. Click here to read the press release. In addition, Caldera Medical relocated to larger corporate headquarters to accommodate the significant growth. Click here to read the press release.
In 2013, Caldera Medical launched Desara® SL to provide a short 12cm length transobturator sling for those surgeons who wish to minimize the amount of mesh implanted.
In 2013, Caldera Medical launched Vertessa® Lite, a lightweight yet strong polypropylene mesh designed for use in sacrocolpopexy procedures.
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