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Large pore size promotes tissue ingrowth
Industry standard knitted Type I large pore monofilament polypropylene with a pore size of
1000 microns.

Sleek sleeve design
A gap in the sleeve is designed to locate the center of the sling, and make sling removal smooth and effortless .                                                   
New sleek tip design
26% reduction in pull-through force compared to the previous Desara tip.*                                                                                                                              
*Data on file at Caldera Medical.                                                                                  

The Desara® Sling System for Stress Urinary Incontinence offers surgeons outstanding flexibility and ease of use. Desara® can be used with any surgical approach including transvaginal, suprapubic, and transobturator. No matter what surgical technique is desired, Caldera offers a reusable instrument, allowing the surgeon to choose the best approach for each individual patient.

The Next Generation in Mesh Sling Technology
Desara® is composed of large pore monofilament polypropylene mesh, the standard for synthetic sling procedures. But we didn't stop there. Desara® takes mesh technology to the next level. Desara‘s unique mesh construction is specifically engineered to maintain its integrity and lay flat under the urethra when placed under tension.

Mesh Integrity Test*

*Pictures taken before and after 5lbs. of force applied to slings. Force value was used to simulate implantation as demonstrated in cadavers.
Click here to download the Desara Brochure for more information on the Desara Sling System.


    10-140-03 Rev. A 09/12



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